Tanzanite & Flowers

Tanzanite and flowers, what could be better? Custom designed and made by Hawkes and Co, only at Hawkes and Co.

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Rose Gold with 1/2ct of diamonds. Custom designed and made by Hawkes and Co, only at Hawkes and Co.

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Over Under Rings

Why buy the same old jewelry? When you can buy one of these. Only at "Hawkes And Co".

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Mother Nature's Best

Gold and Quartz Jewelry

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The Queen's Ring

Designed With A Flair of Royalty, For The Queen In Any King's Life. Diamonds Accented By Vibrant Natural Sapphires.

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keep It Simple Styles"

KISS Collection

Our exclusive "KISS" designs prove that sometimes less is more.

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Simple Vintage Collection

Simply Vintage Collection. Inspired by vintage rings and perfect in every detail including the center prongs.

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Cash For Gold


Cash For Diamonds

Gold Vampire

Back To Nature

Solitaire Engagement Ring Inspired By Nature.  Combined With One Of The Most Beautiful Things In Nature, A Natural Diamond.

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Motorcycle Chain Ring

The Hawkes and Co. 14kt  "Motorcycle Chain Ring" is made of 40 individual pieces, assembled by hand and completely laser welded, it is fully flexible and functions just like a real motorcycle chain.  It's perfect in every way.

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