About Hawkes & Co

Many of you probably know us better as gold vampire or james hawkes designs. the truth is over the years we've had many names...

Southwest jewelry? -> GV -> H&C?

we've been around since 1984?

founded by James Hawkes aftering taking a gemology class in high school and finding his passion. The seed of inspiration was planted and he set off to achieve his dream with little more than an idea and an empty garage.

since then it has evolved and grown into the full fledged custom design store

Mission Statement: We craft unique original designs turning imagination into reality at the best possible price for you.

Founding Family

Of course, how could we hope to make you feel like family if it wasn't ingrained into our company's being? Hawkes & Co is proudly run now by the father son duo Jim and Cody Hawkes. Having started his business at a young age, Jim raised his children alongside his growing company. His son too fell in love with the craft and business he had spent his whole life watching. Now Cody aims to continue this legacy becoming an gemologist and one day taking over the biz.

The Founder

Jim Hawkes

After finding his passion for jewelry he built the Hawkes & Co empire into what it is today. Now Semi-retired he mainly focuses on making more designs for the Hawkes & Co designer line James Hawkes Designs.

The Next Gen

Cody Hawkes

Cody currently works at Hawkes & Co as the general operations manager, resident appraiser, lapidarist, jeweler, and whatever else a day in office may call for. He is still working towards becoming a gemologist and will one day follow in his father's footsteps by taking over Hawkes & Co.